Urban Achievers

Special Programs

Achievers are offered access to yearlong intensive programming that equips them with skills and knowledge for use in the 21st Century.

UA Afterschool

UA Afterschool focuses on improving academic performance by aligning classroom instruction with the partnering school’s day.

  • In addition to core academic requirements, children and youth engage in other areas of learning and development such as life skills training, service, health and wellness and mentoring.
  • Additionally, children take advantage of electives that include: Photography, Music, Chess Club, Theatre and Arts, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy.

UA Social Justice Summer Institute

  • The Social Justice Summer Institute focuses on bringing youth together from underserved communities for an in depth exploration of the most pressing issues they face in their communities.
  • Students are presented with a series of challenges, one of them being to rethink their roles in the community and to work collectively with others to conceive, develop and implement community-based projects that move beyond the traditional models of service. Additionally, youth engage in a speaker series with community leaders, participate in cultural and arts experiences, college and career tours almost every week, and frequent group activities throughout the summer.
  • The philosophy underlying UA’s summer institute gives youth a real-life learning experience. It provides them the opportunity to further their knowledge and commitment to their community and utilize their skills to help solve real communal problems through projects and community involvement.

UA Weekend and Summer Academies

  • In partnership with communities, colleges and businesses, UA offers Achievers exclusively devoted time during weekends to explore their field of choice.
  • Achievers receive hands-on experience that strengthens their learning process and prepares them for high school, post-secondary institutions and their future in the workforce.
  • Justice Academy – Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association
  • Photography –  NESOP and Take 5 Productions
  • Music and Empowerment – M.U.S.I.C
  • Culinary – Partnering with local chefs
  • STEM – Forming partnerships with local engineering colleges
  • Medical – Partnering with Massachusetts General Hospital.

Mentoring and Graduate Support

  • Mentoring is an integral part of Urban Achievers. We match Achievers with promising high school, college, and professional mentors.
  • Our goal is for each Achiever and mentor to embark upon a four-year journey together: one through middle school; one through high school; and the other through college.
  • Once Achievers graduate from their respective schools, they become mentors, creating both a pipeline from middle school to high school and then from high school to college; a cycle of young people lifting each other through mentoring relationships.
  • Additionally, Achievers are encouraged to become part of groups called “BOYS INTO MEN” (teaching boys how to become responsible men) and “GIRLS INTO WOMEN” (empowering girls through social and emotional support).

Experiential Learning

In preparing our children for future success, UA focuses on engaging them in the Experiential-Learning aspect of the program. The Learn-to-Earn and First Bosses component lead toward strengthening and developing economic capabilities through interning. By leveraging these internships, children begin to learn the basics of self-sufficiency. In so doing, children increase their opportunities to explore options and make informed decisions regarding their futures.

UA uses news, social media and other creative means to raise awareness of and attention to poverty and its devastating effects on children’s development and their ability to learn.


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