Urban Achievers

Music and Empowerment



Making U See I Care, is an Urban Achievers Project that allows children and young adults to explore their musical talents.  They write, produce, and create music from a social justice perspective.  Songs created by Achievers examine aspects of their lives from poverty to abuse to racism and other social issues as hunger, disease, and war.

Achievers use music as strong vehicles to empower themselves and other children to reach for their dreams.  They work diligently to change the messages children and youth receive about the quality they deserveAchievers are changing the expectations of themselves and help children see they deserve the best not only in music, but also from their schools, peers, programs, and communities.  Through MUSIC, Achievers aim to have a transformative and meaningful impact in the lives of children and increase their chances of being agents of change within their homes, communities, and the world.

Below are some tracks Achievers have created.                                          Make a difference today.  INVEST IN OUR CHILDREN

Enjoy the music!





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