Urban Achievers

Our Promise

To Children
We promise to:

  • provide you with learning experiences and opportunities beyond academic achievement;
  • help you become knowledgeable; emotionally and physically healthy; civically active; artistically engaged; ready for the world of employment and prepared to become self-sufficient;
  • hold you accountable to high social and academic standards;
  • value and encourage your voice.

To Parents
We promise to:

  • provide learning opportunities and experiences;
  • advocate for you and your child;
  • assist in educating your child socially, academically, and morally;
  • care about, teach, guide and protect your child;
  • be a supportive network for you and your child;
  • keep you involved in all aspects of your child’s development.

To Schools
We promise to:

  • help build bridges between our Achievers (your students) and resources within the community;
  • provide each of our Achievers an academic coach for additional support to monitor grades, attendance, behavior, and participation in extracurricular activities;
  • provide Achievers with mentors to help them set goals with corresponding action steps and to monitor progress toward those goals;
  • provide personalized learning environments where children are supported by qualified caring adults to prevent them from dropping out;
  • help build connections between schools and Achievers families;
  • work collaboratively with schools, children, families, and communities to create programs and other opportunities for children.

To Communities
The most powerful communities are those that identify the gifts of people at the margins and pull them into community life.
UA promises to:

  • hold children to high standards;
  • help build strong community members;
  • help cultivate a stronger and healthier neighborhood through volunteering and collaborating;
  • engage children in positive activities within our communities that will help transform their lives and the lives of community members;
  • collaborate with other non-profit organizations to help ensure our community’s viability.

To Businesses
Learn-To-Earn Program:

  • UA matches Achievers with employers for weeklong and summer internships, exposing them to myriad learning experiences and opportunities;
  • engages them in mock interviews, readiness workshops and occupational training to begin to build a solid foundation prior to starting internships;
  • Achievers strive to become assets to the companies that provide opportunities for their future success.
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